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Image Size in Photoshop

This will show you how to understand what image vrs. file size is using Adobe Photoshop

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Edit Your Photos Using Adobe Bridge

As a Pro Photographer, I have spent alot of time in front of my Digital Darkroom (Computer). I found a bunch of great ways to quickly edit photos down using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. I hope these time saving tips help.

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How To Reset Your WordPress Password Using Cpanel

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Revolution Slider For WordPress

Here I am talking about how to use the Revolution Slider for Wordpress. You will need to download this plugin from Codecanyon.net.  

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Make A Custom Social Media Icon From Your Logo

Using Adobe Illustrator, I will show you how to turn any logo into a facebook or other social icon. Easy!

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Five Minute Overview of Adobe Photoshop

Of course we aren't going to cover photoshop in less then FIFTY HOURS, it's like learning how to fly a plane. But I crank through the tools in 5 min for those who just love to get a taste.

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Using Cinema 4D to Make Shallow Depth of Field

Here I demonstrate how to make a scene with a shallow depth of field using the 3d software Cinema 4D in version R13.

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How to Make a Vector Image from a Photo

From time to time, we need to convert a bitmap image in Photoshop into a vectored image, whether it be a old logo or some even older clip art that we just need clean vector lines to manipulate in Illustrator. Here is how I do it:

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Freelancing With A.D.H.D.

To start I am not even sure I have A.D.D., however when I was a child having trouble concentrating in school, a few doctors gave me tests  I was put on a little yellow pill. I have been off that pill for over 20 years and times I can't focus, but that seems normal with [...]

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Talking the Sicence of LOGOS

This is a discussion about the difference between Vector vs. Bitmap for logos and other tags, this could even apply to clipart.

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