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Setting Your WordPress Website on Under Construction Mode

Let's say you are building your new Wordpress Website and your looking to "turn it off". Normally this is not as simple as flipping a switch with most other websites, until now when you can just add a simple plugin and be able to turn your site on and off with a handy "Coming Soon" [...]

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Edit Your Photos Using Adobe Bridge

As a Pro Photographer, I have spent alot of time in front of my Digital Darkroom (Computer). I found a bunch of great ways to quickly edit photos down using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. I hope these time saving tips help.

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Revolution Slider For WordPress

Here I am talking about how to use the Revolution Slider for Wordpress. You will need to download this plugin from Codecanyon.net.  

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Make A Custom Social Media Icon From Your Logo

Using Adobe Illustrator, I will show you how to turn any logo into a facebook or other social icon. Easy!

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Five Minute Overview of Adobe Photoshop

Of course we aren't going to cover photoshop in less then FIFTY HOURS, it's like learning how to fly a plane. But I crank through the tools in 5 min for those who just love to get a taste.

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Using Cinema 4D to Make Shallow Depth of Field

Here I demonstrate how to make a scene with a shallow depth of field using the 3d software Cinema 4D in version R13.

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How to Make a Vector Image from a Photo

From time to time, we need to convert a bitmap image in Photoshop into a vectored image, whether it be a old logo or some even older clip art that we just need clean vector lines to manipulate in Illustrator. Here is how I do it:

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Make a New Menu & Article, Joomla! CMS

Here you will learn how to build a new article then make a new main menu item and link the two together. Here you will learn: * How to make a menu item * How to make a new article * how to link a article to a menu  

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How To Edit a Joomla! Artical

More simple stuff, just showing you how to edit a Joomla! article.

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CMYK vs. RGB Color

Learn the difference between the color mixes CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow Black compared to RGB (Red Green Blue.)

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