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Have you ever had the pleasure of a contractor that you love so much you look for work for them to do? Imaging your web designer as a home builder and even though the house is done, you still plan on doing work.
This is why the web designer you hire should always be ready to help you” within reason”. Most web designers are professionals, that work 9-5 like hours. However you might find the hot-dogger that surfs all day and builds sites at night, they have great ideas and really “know you” but is that the kinda person you want when your in need, when it’s time to change a photo and it takes a month to get a response?
Even if your web designer seems cool and fun. The real key is “reliable”! Your website will crash, it will need change, and it should often be updated and stay healthy.
Do we sacrifice sexy leather jacket for reliable polo with a anchor? Well that’s up to you. Website development is little like marriage, there has to be trust but you still need to like the person “attracted”.
It’s not forever but it may go go longer then you think, plan well and vet him out.